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Free Extended Warranty with Extra Care

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Free 12 Month

15,000km Warranty

Free 12 Month or 15,000km mechanical warranty*



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We'll reimburse your for a rental car if you need one*



Towing Cover

Towing reimbursement if you break down and need a tow*



Accommodation Cover

Accommodation if you breakdown away from home*

*Limits and Exclusions Apply. Please read the terms below

Motofy Free Extended Warranty Policy

For each new lease agreement, Motofy will provide free extended vehicle warranty cover. The extended warranty cover is intended to help reduce the financial impact to customers due to unexpected mechanical faults or failure to the vehicle.


During the warranty period Motofy will rectify any defect with your vehicle and in the event of a breakdown provide additional ‘Extra Care Benefits’, subject to the terms and conditions of this policy.




The term and kilometre allowance of this extended warranty is determined by the type of lease agreement you have with Motofy as follows: -


Express Lease - 3 (three) month / 5,000 kms (five thousand) whichever occurs first.

Lease Plus - 12 (twelve) month 15,000 kms (fifteen thousand) whichever occurs first.

Platinum Lease - 12 (twelve) month 15,000 kms (fifteen thousand) whichever occurs first.



The maximum amount Motofy will pay under this policy is limited to $1,500.00 in any one claim.  Any amount that exceeds this limit is payable by you.


The maximum benefit does not include Motofy’s Free Extra Care Benefits.


Motofy will advise you prior to approving any repairs that exceed the maximum benefit for which you are liable.




Nothing in this free extended warranty policy is designed to reduce or remove your rights under Australian consumer law.


Motofy will not be held responsible for any delays or loss you may suffer as a result of your vehicle developing a defect or requiring repair other than offering the benefits outlined in this policy.



In the event of vehicle breakdown, you must:


  • Not abandon the vehicle;

  • Ensure that the vehicle is moved to a safe and secure location;

  • Contact Motofy at the earliest opportunity;

  • Ensure Motofy or its agents can access the vehicle without delay for the purposes of assessing the warranty claim;

  • Provide Motofy with all information reasonably required for Motofy to accurately assess the warranty claim, including details of events leading up to the defect occurring.

  • Take all necessary steps to minimise any damage to the vehicle upon becoming aware of a potential problem.

  • Continue to make lease payments under your lease agreement.


Motofy will not authorise repairs if you have not met your obligations: -


  • Under your lease contract, including payment of all lease instalments; or

  • Under this warranty policy.



All claims must be approved by Motofy prior to any repairs being undertaken.


Motofy commits to providing approval of all warranty claims within 24 hours. We do not assess claims after hours, on weekends or public holidays.




It is a condition of this warranty that the vehicle is maintained in a roadworthy, mechanically sound condition and serviced regularly in accordance with manufactures recommendations at intervals not exceeding 10,000 (ten thousand) kilometres or 6 (six) months, whichever occurs first.


It is your responsibility to ensure that servicing is completed in accordance with manufacturers recommendations and in line with the relevant Motofy lease terms and conditions.


If scheduled the service intervals have been  exceeded or proof of service is not provided upon request, then the extended warranty will become void.




This warranty does not cover: -


  • The normal reduction in performance of any item, part or component due to normal wear and tear when considering the vehicles age and kilometres travelled. The gradual reduction in operating performance of a component may result in a component becoming noisy and as such, does not necessarily constitute a failure;

  • items, parts or components that are worn but in Motofy’s sole opinion are safe and serviceable;

  • Damage caused by overheating, lack of oil or lack of coolant;

  • The cost of damage that in Motofy’s sole opinion was caused deliberately or negligently by any person whilst the vehicle was in your possession;

  • Costs incurred as a result of the vehicle being left unattended, abandoned or whilst being towed;

  • Any defect caused by the failure to maintain proper levels of fluids, fuel, oil or lubricants or any contaminated fuel, oil or lubricants

  • Costs incurred as a result of you failing to notify Motofy of a potential problem with the vehicle within a reasonable time;

  • Costs incurred as a result of you failing to secure and make the vehicle available for Motofy to inspect;

  • Any other costs that in Motofy’s sole opinion do not form part of the warranty claim;

  • Any defects that are the responsibility of a Licenced Motor Car Dealer under the terms of Statutory Warranty;

  • Any damage occurring while you continue to drive with a known or suspected fault or which a reasonable person in the position of the driver would or should know or suspect a fault;

  • Any damage occurring as a result of floods, fire or water submersion;


The following items are not covered by this warranty: -


  • Replacement or repair of tyres, wheels or wheel alignments;

  • Batteries;

  • Radios, Cassette players, CD players, MP3/MP4 players;

  • DVD players and video display panels;

  • Telephone and in-car telephone kits;

  • Global positioning systems (GPS);

  • Power outlets including cigarette lighter sockets;

  • Car ariels;

  • Rear window demisters;

  • Alarms or immobilisers;

  • Clocks;

  • Non-standard body hardware;

  • Keys or remote unlocking devices;

  • Window motors and regulators;

  • Tools, jacks;

  • Towbars, Towing hitches and associated wiring;

  • Any accessory attached to the vehicle by you;

  • Brake pads, Brake drums or discs/rotors, disc machining;

  • Mesh timing gears, timing chain or timing belt, sprockets;

  • Damage attributable to impact or road accident or caused by a collision;

  • Interior trim components, including (but not limited to) seats and seat mechanisms, seat belts, carpets, cup holders and ash trays;

  • Paintwork, panel and bodywork and all related vehicle components (including but not limited to) lamps and lamp units, sealed beam lights and fog lights, weather-strips and seals, components made of glass, and/or any exterior trim or decorative components, door handles internal and external, corrosion;

  • Additives.




Motofy do not offer breakdown or emergency towing services.


In the event of a breakdown you are responsible to have the vehicle towed to a repairer, reasonably nominated by Motofy. 


Motofy may, under its extended care package, reimburse you for towing expenses, up to the applicable limit.  Please refer to ‘Additional Benefits’.




Claims may be submitted by calling Motofy on 1300 000 310 or submitted via the Motofy website,




Motofy will assess your claim to determine if it is covered by Statutory Warranty or meets the criteria of this policy.


If your claim is covered by Statutory Warranty, you will be referred to the dealer who sold the vehicle. Please see the next section for more info.


If Motofy accept your claim under this policy, you will receive a notification along with contact details for the closest warranty repair centre. You will need to contact the warranty repair centre to arrange a time to have the vehicle assessed.


You are responsible for taking the vehicle to repair centre.


After the vehicle has been assessed, the repairer will contact Motofy with a quotation. Motofy may, at its' sole discretion, require you to take the vehicle to another repairer to obtain a second quotation.


Once Motofy has approved a repairer’s quotation, they will advise the repairer to commence repairs and you will be required to liaise with the repairer to arrange a suitable time.


Motofy will not pay for any repairs that it has not expressly authorised.


If your claim is cancelled or denied after the vehicle has been assessed by a repairer, you will be required to pay the repairer for diagnostic or reasonable costs incurred.


If you submit a warranty claim and fail to have the vehicle inspected by the repairer nominated by Motofy with 14 days, your claim will be cancelled, and you will be required to submit a new claim.


In some instances, vehicles may not be able to be repaired on the same day, a subsequent visit may be required.  The repairer will advise you of this if required, on the day of the initial inspection.


If you are required to pay the repairer any amount and do not do so within a reasonable time, Motofy may pay the outstanding amount and will take possession of the vehicle.  In this instance, Motofy will consider your vehicle to be abandoned and will cancel your lease agreement.




In most Australian states any vehicle sold that is less than 10 years old or has less than 160,000kms showing on the odometer is covered by Statutory Warranty for a period of 3 months or 5,000kms travelled.  This means that the motor car dealer who sold the vehicle must rectify any defect within this time.


Please refer to your relevant state regulation for full details of the Statutory Warranty applicable to you.


Statutory warranty will cover most defects. Your vehicle has a defect if a part:


  • does not do what it is supposed to do

  • has worn out so much that it no longer works.


There are some exclusions to what is covered and what is not covered.


If you claim is covered by Statutory Warranty, Motofy will contact the dealer to advise them of the problem and provide you with their contact details.  You must contact the dealer and make arrangements to have the defect(s) rectified. Motofy will assist you to manage the claim where needed.


In addition Motofy will also provide you with Free Extra Care Benefits outlined below, even if the defect is covered by Statutory Warranty.


If fail to make arrangements with the responsible dealer to have the defect rectified, Motofy will not cover the defect(s) under its free extended warranty at a later date.


If a dispute arises with dealer about rectifying defect(s) under Statutory Warranty, Motofy may, at its’ sole discretion, cover the defect(s) under this policy. In this event, you agree to assist Motofy to recover costs from the dealer, by attending at your cost any subsequent hearing, court case or related activity.




Motofy may cancel this warranty policy if: -


  • You fail to comply with your obligations under this warranty policy or your lease agreement;


  • You or a person acting on your behalf, or otherwise with your knowledge provide false or misleading information in relation to a claim;


  • The vehicles’ odometer has been tampered with or is defective;


  • The vehicle has at any time been used for purposes other than that allowed under your relevant lease terms and conditions.



Where we approve a claim under this Warranty, we will provide the following Additional Benefits where expenses are incurred, by reason of that claim. Customer Care Package runs for the term of the Warranty.


TOWING ASSISTANCE: (Claim Limit: Up to $150.00 per claim) - Reimbursement up to the Claim Limit for towing charges in the event of a breakdown where your vehicle is unable to be safely driven to an Motofy Approved Repairer.


TRANSPORT ASSISTANCE: (Claim Limit: Up to $25.00 per claim) - Provision of a travel voucher up to the Claim Limit to get you to and from the nominated repairer.

ACCOMMODATION ASSISTANCE: (Claim Limit: Up to $150.00 per claim) - Reimbursement up to the Claim Limit for emergency accommodation, arrangements and costs in the event of a breakdown where You are more than 400kms from your registered residence and repairs will take more than 48 hours.


CAR HIRE ASSISTANCE:  - (Claim Limit: Up to $35 per day, maximum 14 days) - Reimbursement up to the Claim Limit for car hire costs in the event of a breakdown and repairs will take longer than 5 days or you are more than 200 kms from your registered residence.  Motofy will not pay for car hire extras such as excess kms, insurance, excess reductions, one way fees, concession recovery fees or registration recovery fees.


Reimbursement under Motofy Extra Care will only be made upon presentation of a valid receipt and may take up to 5 business days.