1. You agree to keep the vehicle in clean, good working order at all times, fair wear and tear accepted.


2. You understand that it is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle is serviced each 10,000 kms driven or at six (6) month intervals (whichever is sooner), from the commencement of your lease agreement.

3. Motofy will pay for a 'basic service' for a period not exceeding the term set out on the Lease Schedule and subject to:-


  (a) Your lease payments and any fees and charges under this agreement being paid up to date; and

  (b) You notifying Us within a reasonable time prior to the vehicle being due for servicing or maintenance; and

  (c) You delivering the vehicle to a service center reasonably nominated by Us.


4. [Removed].

5. Vehicle service requests must be made by completing the online request form and may take up to 24 hours to complete or longer outside business hours.


6. Upon confirming your service request, Motofy will provide you with the details of its selected mechanical repairer and a quotation.

7. You agree to attend the selected repairer to have the service carried out and to make payment for the service directly to the mechanic.

8. Motofy will reimburse you for the cost of the service, up to the quoted amount, upon completion of the online reimbursement request form and presentation of a approved tax receipt. 


9. You understand that it make take up to 5 business days for your reimbursement to be processed, 

10. You understand that Motofy will only pay for the cost of a 'basic service', up to the amount quoted to you upon booking your service. 

11. We will only pay for the cost of any two (2) basic services in any twelve (12) month period.  You agree to pay for the cost of any additional services that may fall due within this period.

12. We will not pay for the following:-

  (a) Any item, defect or repair that is not included in the selected repairers 'basic service' schedule;

  (b) Any item, defect or repair, that in Our absolute opinion, does not form part of the regular maintenance of the vehicle or does not require repair or replacement; or
  (c) Any item, defect or repair, that in Our absolute opinion, requires repair or replacement as a result of the negligent or deliberate actions of any person whilst the vehicle is in Your possession; or
  (d) Any item, defect or repair, that in Our absolute opinion, is the responsibility of another party under any warranty agreement that You may have with that party (statutory warranty or otherwise); or
  (e) Any item replaced or repair carried out on the vehicle that was not expressly authorised by Us prior to the item being replaced or the repair being carried out.


13. We will not pay for the cost of replacing tires, windscreens or batteries.