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$67 per week, Bad Credit OK! No Application Refused! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

2015 Holden Captiva from $67 per week? Bad Credit OK! No Application Refused!


YES it is! Ads that look like this are often about capturing attention and then being very selective about who is approved.

In many cases, applicants must be in long-term, steady and well-paid employment and deep in the paperwork you'll find the finance term will be over many years with a large balloon payment at the end.

When you inquire you find out:-

Credit checks......Yes, um sorry, but we do those. Application fee....please pay $X before we even take your application. Paperwork....How many hours do you have? Documents and proof of income....Yes, everything you have and more! Approval...Sorry, to qualify, you'll need to have been in a steady, well-paying job for quite a while before we could even look at you.

At Motofy, we do exactly what we say we do. We offer cars that we know are safe and reliable and we know we can finance to people who really need to get around.

- Short-term, no residual payments (12 to 24 months) - Fast Over-The-Phone approval. - No Application Forms - No Credit Checks - Ever! - No Lock-In Contract (Bring the car back anytime without penalty)

If we have a product that suits your needs and you can afford the payments, generally we can have a car delivered to you within 48 hours.

All you'll need is:-

- Proof of income (payslip and/or centrelink statement) - 90 days bank statements - 100 points of ID (Current driver licence)

We help low income earners, pensioners, self employed, anyone who can demonstrate their affordability.

Give us a try. You'll see the difference.

Motofy 1300 000 310


Our Mission

"To finance quality cars, with loads of included benefits and flexible contracts so that car owners have the freedom to drive a car they love on their terms".




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