Frequently asked questions

Application Process

Where is Motofy available?

Our office is based in Queensland however we service most major cities and reginal centres Australia wide.

My credit is bad. Will I still qualify?

We will carefully look at and assess your current financial situation, however you do require good credit conduct for our new vehicles. If your credit conduct has some hiccups, we may be able to still help you with one of our quality used cars.

What are my options when the lease term ends?

We have flexible options to end the lease such as; Keep leasing your car for a lower rate, handback, upgrade or make us an offer to buy your car outright.

Can I lease a car that is not advertised on your website?

If you’re interested in a car that’s not listed on our website – please contact our customer service team on 1300 000 310.

What do I have to do to apply?

You can apply online or you can call us on 1300 000 310, we will take your details and start assessing your application. You will also need to send us some additional information such as ID, three months’ payslips and/or bank details to support your income so that we can assess your affordability.

I really want a new car, what can I do?

If it is a new car that you want, then we may still be able help. Simply lease one of our quality used cars on a 24 month contract, maintain a good payment history with Motofy and at the 12 month mark you can choose to either hand back the used car to Motofy and upgrade into a brand new car or continue to lease the used car for another 12 months with a $1 buy out at the end of the 24 month term.

What do I need to provide to get approved?

You just need a copy of your driver’s license, proof of income – three recent payslips, proof of residence (a utility bill or similar), three months bank statement and your completed Motofy application form to enable us to assess your affordability.

You may need some other documents depending on your situation such as employment contract, loan payout or balance, business details. If you are applying with a partner, they will also need to provide some of the above documents. All of these documents can be uploaded via our website.

We may need to speak to you or ask for some additional information to support your application.

What sort of vehicles do you have?

We have a variety of New, near new and quality used makes and models of small to large family vehicles and SUV’s to choose from. In the vast majority of cases our vehicles are sourced directly from new and used car dealerships. We have a range of different vehicles to suit anyone’s needs and budget. Our quality near new and used vehicles have low kilometres and where applicable come with the remaining balance of manufacturer’s warranty. All of our used vehicle come with a Motofy extended warranty at no extra charge.

Where do your cars come from?

Our cars typically come direct from new or used car dealerships, we also hold a limited number of used quality vehicles. Our new cars will all have new car factory warranties, used vehicle also come with a statutory warranty and an extended used car warranty.

How long does the application process take?

The application process is quick and simple and generally you will receive feedback within 24 hours if you have provided us with all of the required information.

How long are the lease agreements?

We offer a minimum period of 12 months however you are able to choose other options ranging from 24,36, 48 or 60 months. We can help you work out which option might be best suited to you. The longer you lease the vehicle the cheaper the weekly rate is

How long do I need to be in my job?

If you are a casual worker you will need to be employed for a minimum of 3 months, be receiving regular pay with no payment gaps greater than 4 weeks. If you are a permanent or part time worker, you will need to be employed for a minimum of 3 months with your current employer. In all cases if you have been employed less than 3 months please call our customer service team on 1300 000 310 discuss as we will need some additional information in order to assess your application.

What types of vehicles can Motofy offer?

We offer a range of vehicles – used, new, demo & commercial vehicles. Please visit our website to view our available cars -

How long does it take to get a car?

We process your application generally on the day that it has been received and will notify you after we conduct our initial assessment if you have been provisionally approved and if approved discuss when you can collect your car – which normally is when you have your upfront payment ready. Typically, cars can be available to collect between 4 to 10 days depending on availability at the dealership.

How much is the upfront payment?

Depending on the vehicle type, the upfront payment amount ranges from $500-$900 for our quality dealer used cars and $1250 for our new vehicles. The start payment is paid prior to Motofy purchasing your new or used vehicle. Payments can be made directly into our nominated bank account.

How much is it to own the vehicle at the end of the contract?

At the end of the contract, you can make us an offer to own the vehicle and we will provide you with a payout figure. The figure that we provide you is only the amount left owing in the vehicle and not the actual market value of the car which in most cases is much more than what’s actually owed, so in a nut shell you could be walking away with a real bargain. Alternatively, you can upgrade your car to a newer model or return the car at the end of the contract.

What is included within the car payment?

All new cars come with factory warranty, annual registration, factory servicing (one per year) and 24/7 roadside assist. Used vehicles come with used car warranty, annual registration, minor servicing (two per year) and 24/7 roadside assist.

What else do I have to pay for?

Any additional servicing, Tyres, Petrol, Cleaning and Comprehensive insurance and an appropriate eTag for Tolls.

Can I own the vehicle?

You can negotiate with Motofy to purchase the vehicle but unless Motofy agrees otherwise you must return the vehicle at the end of the term.

Can I repay early?

Yes. You can make advance payments at any stage – as agreed by Motofy. Simply contact our customer service team on 1300 000 310

Who is Motofy?

Motofy offers long and short term leases on new and quality pre-owned cars as well as commercial vehicles. All leases come with free inclusions such as Free Annual Servicing, Free Extended Warranty and Free On-Road Costs.

Registration and Insurance

My registration is/was due. Is my registration paid and current?

Yes, Motofy provides registration for the lease term. As the lessor, we register the vehicle directly with the relevant state authority.

Where applicable Motofy sends out the registration sticker to the known address supplied by you within 28 days of your registration expiring, if you need to update your details, please contact us.

Please note, many States within Australia now no longer require the registration sticker to be displayed.

Can I get my insurance or fuel included?

We can tailor a lease package with insurance included but fuel is excluded.

What if registration in not included in my lease package, yow do I pay for it?

Registration documents will be forwarded to you by the relevant transport department in your state or territory and will be your responsibility to pay.

If you have an existing lease package that has registration included, you will still receive the renewal notice and you will be required to pay this. Once paid you can seek reimbursement by clicking on the following link.

How do I access my roadside assist?

Not all lease packages come standard with roadside assist. If Motofy have assisted in setting up your insurance we will have added roadside assistance to your comprehensive insurance policy, in this case you can call the relevant insurer to access roadside assist. If you have arranged your own policy you will need to contact your insurer. If you do not have roadside assist refer to the warranty policy for assistance.

What do I do if I am involved in an accident?

In the event of an accident, your safety is most important. Safely move out of the way of traffic. If your car is immobile, switch on hazard lights to warn other drivers in the area.

Most accidents do not require the police to attend, however, please call 000 for the Police in the following circumstances:

  • A person has been injured or a fatality has occurred.

  • The other party fails to stop and/or supply their details

  • A driver appears to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • There is a hazard that may cause danger to the public

Obtain details of any other vehicle involved in the accident and any independent witnesses. Remember to use your mobile phone camera to capture the scene of the incident or damage.

You will then need to contact your insurance company and lodge a claim, once you have obtained a claim number please call our friendly claims team on 1300 000 310 to provide us with the claim number and we will help you throughout the claims process with your insurance company.

Do I have to continue to make my car lease repayments if I have been in an accident?

Yes, you will be required to maintain your lease payments whilst your lease vehicle is undergoing repairs. If your lease vehicle has been deemed a total loss you will be required to maintain repayments until the insurance company has settled with Motofy.

My car has been written off, what do I do?

If your insurer has notified you that your lease vehicle has been written off, please call Motofy on 1300 000 310 to advise us. We will help you through the claims process with your insurer. You are responsible for paying any insurance excess and your lease payments will continue to be due and payable until such time as the insurance company has released any payout.

What do I do if my car has been stolen?

Report the matter to the Police without delay, notify your relevant vehicle insurer and lodge a claim and record the claim number. Contact Motofy on 1300 000 310 and provide details of the police report number and the insurance claim number, we will help you through the claims process with your relevant insurance company and the Police.

Do I have access to a replacement car while mine is being fixed?

In most cases yes, as part of the Motofy extended warranty policy you may qualify for a hire car or replacement vehicle. For further information please refer to our warranty policy

Do I have to have my lease car insured?

Yes. All our vehicles must have comprehensive insurance for the duration of the lease term. Motofy allows our customers to BYO insurance which allows you to tailor your insurance cover to suit your own personal needs. Alternatively, our friendly team can assist you with a suitable comprehensive policy.

Fees and Repayments

What happens if I do not make a scheduled repayment?

Motofy will advise you immediately if/when you miss a repayment. Please note that missed payments attract a $19.90 fee per Direct Debit failure.

What happens if I cannot meet the ongoing finance scheduled repayments?

We suggest that you immediately contact Motofy accounts team on 1300 000 310. Motofy will work with you in a fair, ethical and moral manner to resolve the issue. We will always contact you to try and sort out an affordable arrangement.

It’s best to always communicate with us if you are having trouble repaying so we can come up with a plan together. It is important that the applicant reads all our terms and conditions as part of both parties legal obligations and if required seek independent advice.

What if I incur a Toll?

You have three days after incurring a toll to make contact with the toll organisation and pay. If you do not then, Motofy will receive the unpaid toll notice and will forward this onto the Lessee including an administrative fee of $19.95 (per notice) plus the unpaid toll.

What if I incur a speeding fine or traffic infringement?

Motofy as the Lessor will receive the traffic infringement notice and will forward this onto the Lessee including an administrative fee of $19.95 (per notice) plus the infringement.

What if I am experiencing Financial Hardship?

We understand that during the agreed leasing period anyone can go through financial hardship at any time, due to any number of reasons.

If you have a vehicle with us and your repayments have fallen behind, or if you have an upcoming payment you know you won’t be able to make, please contact us your earliest convenience. The earlier we know what’s going on, the more we can do to help.

If you are suffering Financial Hardship and you are unable to manage your lease repayments, please call us on 1300 000 310 without delay to discuss the matter. The hardship request from can be accessed via the following link

Is there a fee for missing a direct debit?

Yes, if your direct debit is declined by your bank or your payment does not transact correctly, you’ll be charged a dishonour fee by your bank plus a $19.95 payment dishonour fee by Motofy. The $19.95 fee also applies when we have agreed to reschedule your payments for a later date.

What are my responsibilities?

Your responsibilities include:

  • Making your payments on/or before the agreed date
  • Keeping the vehicle in a clean, roadworthy condition
  • Ensuring the vehicle is serviced at scheduled intervals
  • Arranging your own E-Tag or method of paying tolls and keeping your account in order
  • Paying all other traffic infringements on or before their due date
  • Arranging your own comprehensive insurance.

What if my circumstances change & I need to hand the car back before the end of lease term?

Please give us a call on 1300 000 310 without delay to discuss the matter.

Can I payout my lease early?

Yes, give us a call on 1300 000 310 for your current payout figure.

What’s included in my repayments?

When you lease a car from Motofy your lease payments will cover the following. Use of the vehicle, Free basic servicing for the length of your lease agreement, Free 12 month or 15,000-kilometre warranty, assistance with accident claim management should the need arise. Other lease packages include comprehensive insurance and registration.

I need to change my payments?

Payment change request can be submitted via the Motofy website. Click on the following link and then select “Update my Bank Account”.

How do I update my personal details?

If any of your personal such as email, phone number or address or your employment details have changed please email –

Can Learners drive the car?

Yes, Learners are able to drive your lease vehicle providing they are licenced. If you add your learner onto an insurance policy that Motofy provides and pays for, you will need to pay any difference in policy costs.

Can I upgrade my car during the lease?

Yes, if you wish to upgrade your lease vehicle please call our customer service team on – 1300 000 310 to discuss your needs.

Vehicle Maintenance and Warranty

What do I do when my vehicle requires a service?

Motofy provides scheduled new car servicing once per year and basic servicing up to twice per year for our used car range. If your lease vehicle is due for servicing, you can make a request via our online booking form

Our service and warranty team will locate a dealership or mechanic in your area that can carry out the service. It is also worth noting that failing to service your lease vehicle may void your warranty.

What’s included in the service that Motofy covers for?

Motofy will cover the cost of any two (2) basic services in any twelve (12) month period. Click here to view our Vehicle Service Policy -

What if I need additional servicing or I want extra work carried out?

If you have exceeded your included servicing or you would like a log book service instead of a minor service you are welcome arrange this with a mechanic of your choice or pay the difference to the mechanic directly if scheduled through Motofy. For additional information regarding servicing please review our servicing policy

Does my lease car come with a warranty?

Yes. All new and demo vehicles come with manufactures warranty. Near new and used cars come with the balance of the manufacturers warranty or dealers statutory warranty and a Motofy extended warranty which is 12 months or 15,000kms.

I'm having mechanical issues with my car. What should I do?

Lodge an online warranty claim via the Motofy website and call the roadside assistance provider. If the vehicle is unable to be repaired through the roadside assistance provider, it may need to be towed to a mechanic for further investigation.

I am experiencing an issue with my car and it's within the warranty period. What should I do?

Lodge an online warranty claim via the Motofy website and one of our service and warranty team members will call you to discuss the issue with your lease vehicle. In some cases, further investigation may be required by a mechanic. In this instance you will need to take the vehicle to our nominated mechanic or dealer however we will discuss this with you.

I am experiencing an issue with my car and it's outside of the warranty period. What should I do?

If you are experiencing issues with your vehicle outside of the warranty period, you are able to arrange for a mechanic of your choice to diagnose and repair the vehicle. Keep in mind that you have 24/7 roadside assist and Motofy provide servicing for the length of the lease term

Does Motofy cover everything that goes wrong with my car?

Issues Motofy covers the vast majority of warranty issues however not everything is covered. Please refer to our warranty policy for further detailed information.

What’s included in the warranty that Motofy offers?

All Motofy lease vehicle come with a warranty, on the majority of occasions the used motor car dealer that you collected the vehicle from must offer a statutory warranty which is generally for a 3-month period and up to 5000 kilometres (refer to your relevant states used car statutory warranty), if the vehicle has any issues with in this time the used car dealer must repair the vehicle. If your statutory used car warranty has expired the Motofy extended warranty comes into force. To view our warranty policy click on the following link

Can I accessorise my car?

Yes. If you would like to accessorise please call us to discuss. As a general rule we are happy for customers to change wheel style or add window tinting and some other minor cosmetic changes. However, we do need to ensure that any changes are compliant with the relevant state’s regulations. Any changes that are made may need to be removed and the vehicle returned to its original condition if the vehicle is returned to Motofy.

Can I add personalised plates?

Yes. If you wish to add personalised plates or change your registration number, you must notify us so that we can record this change on our system. If the vehicle is returned with personalised plates Motofy will cancel the plates and return them to the relevant transport authority.

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