Cash Back Offer - Terms & Conditions

This offer applies to leases that commenced after 20th of July 2021.

When you hand your car back, we will determine if it is viable to sell it.  The factors we will consider  are:

  • the age, condition and odometer reading of the car at the time you hand it back; and

  • the amount that you have paid on your lease contract; and

  • any amounts that we owe to our financiers at the time; and

  • the estimated market value of the car at the time.

If in our sole opinion, selling the car would result in a loss when considering the factors above, we will not sell the car and this offer will no longer apply to you.

In some circumstances, this offer will not apply to You. Such circumstances are (but are not limited to):

  • You owe money to us under your lease agreement; or

  • You owe money to any third party as a result of your use of the car;

  • You have are in breach of your lease agreement at the time you return it; or

  • You have not fulfilled all of your obligations under the lease agreement in relation to returning the car to us;

If in our sole opinion, we determine that it is viable to sell the car, we will take steps to do so and we will cover any costs associated to sell it.  Such costs might include (but are not limited to):

  • Mechanical, cosmetic or any other repairs;

  • Certificate costs such as a roadworthy certificate;

  • Registration and registration transfer costs;

  • Advertising and marketing costs;

  • Reasonable administrative costs;

  • Reasonable costs associated with our employees time;

If we sell the vehicle, we will deduct the following items from the sale price to determine the amount of profit that has been made:

  • Goods and Services Tax;

  • Any amounts that we owe to our financier;

  • Any amount owed by You or Us to any third party in relation to the car;

  • Any selling costs as listed above;

Once we have sold the car and determined the profit amount, we will pay 50% of this amount to you within 60 days, into your nominated bank account.

After the sale, we will provide to you, upon request, an itemized account showing all amounts deducted from the sale price.